Indian passport Renewal

Applications for passport services should be made in person at authorised Indian Visa & Consular Application Centers with an appointment. Only an immediate family member (spouse or blood relatives) may apply on behalf of an applicant if the applicant is unable to do so in person for whatever reason, provided that the applicant has obtained the necessary authorisation in the form of a letter. While submitting the application on behalf of the applicant, the immediate family member will be needed to present this authority letter as well as his or her original passport, identity document, or other document proving their relationship to the applicant.

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  • What does it mean to reissue a passport once it has expired?

    Passports with their full validity expire after ten years (five years in the case of minors). Every passport includes the expiration date. One year before the passport's final expiration date or after, the holder of the passport may request a renewal.