An individual's reportable criminal record convictions for India are listed on an Indian Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), which is a legal document. 

The Magistrates Court, District Court, Civil Court, and High Court all carry out court verifications. The Court database is used for online verifications.


To demonstrate that you have no criminal history dating back to the beginning of your stay in a country, police clearance is necessary. Whether you follow the law or not, it affirms your character as a person. It demonstrates your moral character and sense of responsibility as a citizen, immigrant, guest, employee, or student.

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  • Is PCC a service for passports?

    Certificate of Police Clearance is not a service for passports. The issuance of PCC is a separate miscellaneous service provided on behalf of Indian police authorities and is not a crucial component of the passport service.

  • How long does processing take?

    Only after receiving a "Clear" report from Indian police authorities, which must be made available in the system by the relevant Passport office, may PCCs be granted. It might take this process 8 weeks. As long as a "Clear" report is received, PCC can be granted early. Please be aware that the issuance of a PCC is solely dependent upon receiving a "Clear" report from authorities, and that there is no guarantee that it will occur within the time limit specified. The Regional Passport Office (RPO) in question receives the report from the police after the police verification; at this point, the applicant learns that his police verification has been completed. However, it takes roughly two weeks for RPO to post it into the system after it has been transmitted to RPO. As a result, applicants are urged to determine their needs in advance and submit their applications in accordance with those needs.