Surrender Certificate

India is a nation that forbids its residents from holding dual citizenship. Dual citizenship is expressly forbidden by the Indian Citizenship Act of 1955, and the Indian Passport Act of 1967 forbids any holder of an Indian passport from obtaining a foreign citizenship.

According to Indian law, a person who gains a foreign nationality should promptly hand up their passport at the Indian consulate or embassy that is closest to them. The Indian government is authorised to impose severe legal sanctions and take action against the offender in the event of any violations.

There is a 90-day grace period for anyone of Indian heritage who has acquired British citizenship to travel using an Indian passport. The person must give up their Indian passport and renounce their Indian citizenship within this time frame. The new UK citizen of Indian descent will receive a surrender certificate once the Indian passport has been returned, and it should be stored safely.


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  • A surrender certificate: what is it?

    In order to renounce Indian citizenship and get a foreign nationality, applicants who are prepared to relinquish their passport at passport offices are issued a Surrender Certificate. This is a paid supplemental passport service that can be obtained by submitting an application for a surrender certificate via the Passport Seva website ( and then going in person to the passport office with the necessary paperwork.

  • Can I retain both my foreign/British and Indian nationalities?

    Dual citizenship is not permitted under the Indian Citizenship Act of 1955. According to the Indian Passport Act of 1967, it is illegal to possess an Indian passport, get an Indian passport, or travel on an Indian passport after obtaining a foreign citizenship.